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What will happen the day after Trump loses?

Saturday October 22nd, 2016 02:48:01 AM
With 17 days left until the election and Donald Trump sounding increasingly desperate, Lawrence offers a vision of what the day after the election will look like if Donald Trump loses the presidency.

Exclusive: The New Yorker to endorse Clinton

Saturday October 22nd, 2016 02:34:51 AM
Rachel Maddow offers an exclusive preview of the New Yorker magazine's endorsement of Hillary Clinton coming on Monday.

Trump Facebook fundraising an enticing option

Saturday October 22nd, 2016 02:25:42 AM
Rachel Maddow shows how Donald Trump's political path may turn to a media role similar to Sarah Palin, and notes that Trump's raising $9 million dollars in a two hour Facebook broadcast was probably significant encouragement.

Exclusive: Michael Moore on new election film

Saturday October 22nd, 2016 02:16:29 AM
Lawrence talks to Oscar-winning filmmaker Michael Moore in an exclusive interview about his new movie, "Michael Moore in Trumpland." Lawrence also gets Moore to react to the new Clinton campaign ad featuring Khizr Khan and explain the key to winning...

Trump's threat to US democracy, a story book

Saturday October 22nd, 2016 01:56:11 AM
Rachel Maddow offers a parable about a family reunion as a means of explaining the magnitude of Donald Trump refusal to agree to accept the outcome of the 2016 presidential election.

On this day in campaign history

Saturday October 22nd, 2016 01:28:02 AM
What was happening at this point in other American elections 18 days before election day? All In takes a deep dive into the archives to find out.

Daily News prints Trump 'political obituary'

Saturday October 22nd, 2016 01:24:18 AM
Rachel Maddow shows that while Donald Trump has yet to acquire any more newspaper endorsements, he is the subject of a substantial, multi-page anti-endorsement from the New York Daily News.

Trump political director leaves campaign

Saturday October 22nd, 2016 01:22:11 AM
Rachel Maddow reports on the mysterious departure of Donald Trump's national political director from the campaign, just as Hillary Clinton is adding staff to a campaign operation in traditionally Republican Utah.

Good news for Democrats in early voting data

Saturday October 22nd, 2016 01:20:05 AM
Rachel Maddow reports on the enthusiastic beginning to early voting (including, in some unfortunate cases, long lines), and incoming data showing Democrats performing better than Barack Obama did at this point in the race in 2012.

Could the 'Akin effect' be at play this year?

Saturday October 22nd, 2016 12:28:52 AM
To win in 18 days, Trump would need something to radically shake up this race...or for the polls to be very wrong.

Thank God for Airbags

Saturday October 22nd, 2016 03:22:13 AM
Thank God for airbags and car safety. Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) was in a high speed car crash Thursday afternoon but he and apparently all others involved are basically fine, albeit a bit bruised up. Safety belts, airbags. They really make a difference.

Just 37 More!

Saturday October 22nd, 2016 01:30:46 AM
We're just 37 Prime signups shy of 15,500 total members! Help us get there tonight. Just click right here.

This Is Kind of Fun

Saturday October 22nd, 2016 01:18:23 AM
My sons came home from school today wanting to play an online 'Win the White House' game they learned about and played at school. A bit worn out from covering the real thing, I first kind of begged off. But my sons are highly persistent - especially one of them who shall remain unnamed. So I finally agreed. And you know what? It was pretty fun. It was fun playing with them of course. But it was even enjoyable and a bit challenging in its own right. It's pretty straightforward. You have a national electoral map. You can fundraise, poll, run media and make appearances. And it's basically a matter of a matter of figuring out where to focus your resources based on the best opportunities to pick up or not lose electoral votes. In other words, something like the real thing. Along the way, you have to identify campaign messages tied to specific issues. That's most of the educational aspect - understanding basic formulations and positions on high profile policy issues - taxes, gun, environment, energy, spending, etc. Pretty basic if you're an adult politics junkie. But definitely educational for a kid and some non-kids. Anyway, if you have children of almost any edge (you can play at different educational difficulty levels) you might want to give it a spin. And if you don't have kids, frankly, I found it pretty fun anyway. Here's the link.

Curt Schilling Asks CNN's Jake Tapper How Any Jew Could Vote Democrat (VIDEO)

Friday October 21st, 2016 09:59:19 PM
Former all-star pitcher and wannabe future Senate candidate Curt Schilling earned a blank stare from CNN host Jake Tapper Friday when he asked how any Jew could be a Democrat. “I don’t understand how people of Jewish faith can back the Democratic Party, which over the last 50 years has been so clearly anti-Israel, so clearly anti-Jewish Israel,” Schilling wondered aloud to Tapper, who he described as “a person who’s practicing the Jewish faith, and has since you were young.” “I don’t know what else would need to be done, said, or happen for people to understand that they don’t—The Democratic Party is allied with Israel only because we have agreements that make them have to be," he continued.“Maybe this is the amateur non-politician in me,” Schilling admitted. Tapper responded that he doesn’t “speak for Jews,” and doesn’t support either major party, but that he figured many Jews are Democrats because of the party’s support for social welfare programs. “A lot of Jews who are strong supporters of Israel do support the Republican Party,” he added. “I just always find it a great conversation for somebody of your faith— because I want to understand the reasons behind some of these things,” Schilling said, out loud, on live national television. Schilling said Tuesday on Rhode Island radio station WRPO that “I’ve made my decision, I’m going to run,” for Elizabeth Warren’s Massachusetts Senate seat in 2018. "But I haven't talked to Shonda, my wife," Schilling acknowledged. "And ultimately it's going to come down to how her and I feel this would affect our marriage and our kids."Watch below via Media Matters: Curt Schilling: You're Jewish. Why are Jews Democrats? Dems hate Israel. Jake Tapper: Well, I don't speak for Jews, but social welfare— Matthew Gertz (@MattGertz) October 21, 2016

My New Podcast: Episode #7

Friday October 21st, 2016 09:44:20 PM
Concerned about voter suppression? Bands of feral Trumpers descending areas with large populations of black or Hispanic voters to harass and vet voters? Me too. So in Episode #7 of the Josh Marshall show I talked to my favorite election law expert, Professor Rick Hasen. Rick isn't just an election law experts he's one of the most knowledgable and vocal experts on bogus claims of 'vote fraud' and voters suppression. We talk about all these issues, incredibly pressing in the lead up to election day, in Episode #7 of the Josh Marshall Show.

Clinton: Trump Keeping Voters 'In Suspense' Sounds Like Another Country

Friday October 21st, 2016 09:26:45 PM
Hillary Clinton on Friday took square aim at Donald Trump’s refusal to commit to accepting the November election’s results, comparing Trump’s rhetoric to that of world leaders who jail dissidents and invalidate elections. “On Wednesday night, Donald Trump did something no other presidential nominee has ever done. He refused to say that he would respect the results of this election. Make no mistake, by doing that, he is threatening our democracy,” Clinton said at a rally in Cleveland.“If you lose an election—and I have lost an election—you don't feel very good next day, do you?" she added. "But we know in our country the difference between leadership and dictatorship, right?”Clinton said Trump's promise at Wednesday night’s presidential debate to keep the American people “in suspense” over whether he would accept the final electoral tally was an affront to the peaceful transition of power, “one of the things that sets us apart.”“It is how we hold our country together no matter who is in charge,” Clinton said.“I went to 112 countries as your Secretary of State and I saw the difference between what we do and what others do," she said. "I was in countries where people jail their political opponents or execute them or exile them or invalidate elections that they didn’t win. That can never be allowed to happen here.”

Biden On Trump: If We Were In High School I'd 'Take Him Behind The Gym'

Friday October 21st, 2016 09:11:16 PM
Speaking at speaking at a campaign rally for Hillary Clinton in Pennsylvania Friday, Vice President Joe Biden said that if he and Donald Trump were in high school, we would "take him behind the gym.""The press always asks me, ‘don't I wish I were debating him.’ No, I wish we were in high school—I could take him behind the gym. That’s what I wish,” Biden said, via video from ABC News posted by the Daily Beast. Biden's remark came after a impassioned condemnation of Trump's comments -- from a 2005 Access Hollywood hot mic tape that resurfaced recently -- that his fame allowed him to touch and kiss women without their consent."What a disgusting assertion for anyone to make," Biden said.

The Josh Marshall Show Episode 7: On Voter Fraud, Voter Suppression, And Voter Intimidation

Friday October 21st, 2016 09:10:40 PM
Welcome to the seventh episode of The Josh Marshall Show! This week Josh interviews Rick Hasen, a law professor at UC Irvine and author of Josh and Rick discuss the history and prevalance of voter fraud and voter suppression, and they analyze the potential for voter intimidation on Nov. 8. To listen to the full podcast, sign up for Prime for free access or download the episodes for $1 on Podbean.

Here's What Happens When You Publicly Oppose Donald Trump On The Internet

Friday October 21st, 2016 08:57:57 PM
Publicly opposing Donald Trump left one conservative commentator and his family facing an endless barrage of online abuse from the so-called "alt-right," the anti-establishment conservative movement known for its close ties to white nationalism and for its internet-savvy adherents' coordinated attacks on political and media figures. David French, a columnist for National Review, and his wife Nancy French, a columnist for the Washington Post, have come under what French called “an unending torrent of abuse that I wouldn’t wish on anyone” in a column published Friday. He describes how, more than a year ago, he began seeing images of his daughter’s face photoshopped into gas chambers or slave ships, and how the comment section of his wife’s blog on Patheos filled with images of extreme violence.French’s adopted daughter is black and was called “niglet” and “dindu” by French’s online harassers, who also claimed his wife cheated on him with black men while he was deployed to Iraq. It's a common charge among far-right internet trolls who often accuse others of being cuckolded, both sexually and ideologically.French recounts how, immediately after he declined to mount an independent run for president, his wife received an email from a Trump supporter “who informed her that he knew the business end of a gun and told her directly that she should shut her mouth or he’d take action.” In another incident, French wrote that a phone call between his wife and her elderly father was interrupted by a third angry voice on the call, spurring “a brief, anxious search inside my father-in-law’s home for a potential intruder and yet another call to law enforcement.”French noted that other conservatives have faced similar abuse: commentator Erick Erickson, strategist Rick Wilson, columnist Bethany Mandel, Mi-Ai Parrish, president of the Arizona Republic, and journalist Ben Shapiro. French wrote that Shapiro, who the Anti-Defamation League recently found has the Twitter account most frequently targeted by anti-Semitic attacks, “represents the worst of all possible anti-Trumpers" because “he’s a Jewish man who turned on the twin pillars of the alt-right, Trump, and” The Trump campaign has stayed incredibly quiet about the barrage of abuse journalists and political figures have reported from individuals swearing their allegiance to Trump.In May, after journalist Julia Ioffe published a profile of Melania Trump that she says led to a barrage of anti-Semitic death threats, Trump said that while she disagreed with the abuse, “I don’t control my fans,” and, referring to Ioffe, “She provoked them.” A month later, after New York Observer entertainment writer Dana Schwartz wrote “An Open Letter to Jared Kushner, From One of Your Jewish Employees,” asking Kushner to speak out against the anti-Semitic abuse propagated by some supporters of his father-in-law’s campaign, Kushner responded in the publication. He wrote of Schwartz’s letter, “As always, there are thoughtful points but journalists, even those who work for me at the Observer, are not always right."

WATCH LIVE: Clinton To Campaign In Ohio At 4:30 PM ET

Friday October 21st, 2016 08:31:30 PM
Hillary Clinton is expected to deliver a speech in Cleveland, Ohio at 4:30 p.m. ET. Watch below:

Calif. County Tries To Toss Federal Suit Alleging Intimidation Of Hmong Voters

Friday October 21st, 2016 07:46:35 PM
A rural California county is trying to convince a federal judge to dismiss a lawsuit filed on behalf of Hmong residents who allege local officials waged a voter intimidation campaign to keep them from participating in the California primary. Attorneys for Siskiyou County officials argue that armed sheriff's deputies paying house visits to Hmong residents and inquiring about their registration status days before the June 7 primary did not amount to ethnically-motivated voter intimidation. Instead, they say Sheriff Jon Lopey’s team was working to investigate alleged voter fraud and illegal marijuana grow operations in the densely forested rural county. “Plaintiffs' attempt to characterize the lawful investigation into voter fraud and enforcement of drug-abatement laws and ordinances as illegal and systematic targeting of Hmong residents based on their race is completely lacking,” the motion to dismiss, filed on October 13, reads.Dominic Spinelli, a lawyer representing Siskiyou County Sheriff Jon Lopey as well as a county clerk and investigator from the secretary of state's office who were also named as defendants in the suit, said he was “very hesitant” to comment on pending litigation.Pointing to an upcoming Nov. 1 court hearing, Spinelli told TPM in a Friday phone call that “we’ll see what happens.” Brian Ford, a lawyer for the 10 Hmong plaintiffs, did not immediately respond Friday to TPM’s request for comment.The controversy first unspooled this summer, when ACLU California’s voting rights director, Lori Shellenberger, informed the California secretary of state’s and attorney general’s offices that Hmong residents were, as she told TPM at the time, “terrified of going to vote” in the state’s primary. Bearing service weapons, Siskiyou County Sheriff Jon Lopey and his deputies visited the homes of at least 39 Hmong residents to inquire about recently filed voter registration forms that the county clerk flagged for lacking “all of the information required by law.” Lopey told TPM at the time that he believed “some of these Asian Americans were manipulated, perhaps cajoled or coerced into filling out voter registration cards” by “very aggressive” individuals from the San Francisco Bay area.“A lot of these people haven’t been here for a long time," he told TPM.Investigators from the secretary of state and attorney general’s offices were dispatched to look into the voter fraud allegations, but soon became aware of the serious allegations against Lopey's deputies of voter intimidation. A spokesman for the secretary of state's office told TPM at the time that the agency's investigation “evolved” after it learned that “the local sheriff and district attorney instead chose to repeatedly issue statements that were viewed as efforts to intimidate the Hmong community.”Though investigators from both agencies monitored polling sites on June 7, some of the approximately 1,000 local Hmong residents allegedly felt too threatened to vote. Siskiyou County's Hmong community is composed largely of political refugees, some of whom live in makeshift shelters on unincorporated parcels of land.Ten Hmong residents filed suit in September in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of California, requesting a jury trial and damages for what they alleged was a concerted effort to keep them away from the ballot box. One plaintiff, Wang Chang, alleged officers pointed an assault rifle at him during a visit to his home; he stated in the suit that, because he doesn't speak English, he thought that the sheriff's deputies might be trying to kill him. Another, Joua Chao Moua, stated that he required hospitalization after fainting when he saw uniformed officers trying to enter his home with what he said was an assault rifle.“Defendants created and continue to maintain a climate of fear, intimidation, and racially motivated disenfranchisement and persecution, under the color of law, against Plaintiffs and other Hmong Siskiyou County residents, such that many did not vote in the June 7, 2016 primary election, and fear voting in the November 8, 2016 general election,” the complaint reads. According to a statement obtained by the Record Searchlight newspaper, Siskiyou County legal representative Jim Underwood asserted that there is no evidence of voter intimidation because nine of the plaintiffs in the federal suit are registered to vote and seven of them voted in the primary.Read the suit in full below:

David Duke Qualifies For Senate Debate At Historically Black University

Friday October 21st, 2016 07:03:51 PM
Former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke has qualified to participate in the upcoming U.S. Senate debate at Dillard University, a historically black university in New Orleans. Duke met the 5 percent polling threshold set by Raycom Media, who is broadcasting the debate on Nov. 2, and will appear on stage alongside five other candidates, according to Politico. Louisiana holds an all-party primary on Election Day, and the top two vote-getters regardless of party affiliation square off in a Dec. 10 runoff.Duke celebrated his spot in the debate on Twitter: Important News! I qualified for the U.S. Senate most important debate in Louisiana on Nov 2. I can't wait to tell truth nobody else dares!— David Duke (@DrDavidDuke) October 21, 2016He also expressed concerns to The Advocate about the debate's venue. “Dillard is pretty supportive of Black Lives Matter, and I’ve been pretty critical of them," Duke said.Duke was elected to the Louisiana House in 1989 and served a single term. He has run unsuccessfully for public office several times since, perhaps most notably when he made the runoff against Edwin Edwards in the 1991 governor's race. He served federal prison time in the early 2000s for tax fraud. He has said Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy inspired him to throw his hat in the ring again. “European-Americans need at least one man in the United States Senate—one man in the Congress—who will defend their rights and heritage,” Duke said in a video announcing his candidacy in July, noting he used the “America First” slogan long before Donald Trump adopted it for his presidential campaign.Donald Trump was heavily criticized during the Republican primary for refusing at first to disavow Duke’s support in an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper.Trump told Tapper he “knew nothing about” David Duke or other white supremacists after Tapper asked if he would “unequivocally condemn" their support. However, in 1991, according to, Trump said George H.W. Bush was right “to come out against” Duke's gubernatorial campaign. In 2000, Trump ditched his chance to run for the presidential nomination of the Reform Party, because he did not want to be associated with Duke and Pat Buchanan, who were members of the party. Trump called Duke “a bigot, a racist, a problem” at the time.Trump later blamed his failure to disavow Duke in his interview with Tapper on CNN’s audio equipment, after formally disavowing Duke during a press conference.Raycom Media commissioned their poll from Mason-Dixon, who polled 625 registered voters from Oct. 17-19. The margin of error is 4 percentage points.

Bye, Chris

Friday October 21st, 2016 06:56:53 PM
Bridget Kelly, former deputy chief of staff to Gov. Chris Christie now on trial for her role in Bridgegate, says yes Christie knew all about the scheme. Remember, Christie got the State of New Jersey to spend millions of dollars on an investigation, run by his own lawyer, which exonerated him.

Trump Has a New Enemy

Friday October 21st, 2016 06:51:28 PM
Her name is Michelle Obama.

Bridget Kelly: Christie Knew About GWB Lane Closures A Month Ahead Of Time

Friday October 21st, 2016 07:18:56 PM
In bombshell testimony Friday, Bridget Anne Kelly said that she told New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) that access lanes to the George Washington Bridge would be closed for a traffic study a month before the plan actually was carried out in September 2013. The former deputy chief of staff testified that the governor approved the study, which prosecutors allege actually was cover-up for a revenge plot against a local Democratic mayor. Christie has long maintained that he knew nothing about the lane closures that brought traffic in the town of Fort Lee, New Jersey to a days-long standstill until he read about them in the press in late September or early October 2013. Yet Kelly and other former Christie allies have contradicted what Christie's said about what he knew of the lane closures and when throughout the federal trial investigating the so-called Bridgegate scheme. Telling her version of the saga for the first time from the witness stand Friday, Kelly testified that former Port Authority official David Wildstein informed her on Aug. 12, 2013 that he was moving forward with a traffic study that he said would create major traffic problems in Fort Lee, according to WABC. Kelly testified she then informed Christie about the study, and alleged he said he was alright with it. "He said, 'All right.' He didn't really react. He said that's fine. He said, 'How is the relationship with Mayor Sokolich' of Fort Lee?" Kelly testified, according to "And I didn't know. I really didn't know."The next day she sent the email that would cast a shadow over Christie's administration for years to come: “Time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee,” she wrote to Wildstein. During tearful testimony in which she admitted she was afraid of the governor, Kelly explained that her language in that email was simply meant to echo Wildstein’s assertion that the lane closures would cause traffic in the New Jersey town, according to WABC. "I chose words parroting words he had used to me," Kelly said, according to Prosecutors who are pursuing federal corruption and fraud charges against Kelly and Bill Baroni, a former Christie appointee at the Port Authority, for their alleged roles in the scheme have charged that Christie's allies orchestrated the traffic jam to punish Fort Lee’s Democratic mayor because he refused to back the governor's re-election effort. Wildstein struck a plea deal for his own admitted role in masterminding what he says was a political revenge plot. In September, he testified that he boasted to Christie about the “tremendous amount of traffic” caused by the closures at a 9/11 memorial service on Sep. 13, 2013, while the lane closures were still underway. He alleged that he, Christie and Baroni joked about For Lee Mayor Mark Sokolich's phone calls going unanswered. Photos of the three men at the memorial event show them sharing a laugh. Kelly testified Thursday that Christie stopped by her desk to talk to her about the traffic study after returning from the 9/11 event, according to WABC.Christie has denied any involvement in the lane closures and repeatedly asserted that he only learned of the political motivation behind them in January 2014, after Kelly's "time for traffic problems" email and others were made public. Yet both the prosecution and defense in the ongoing trial agree that the governor knew about the lane closures as they were happening. A Bergen County judge recently ruled that there was probable cause to move forward with a citizen’s official misconduct complaint alleging Christie was aware of the traffic jam while it was underway and allowed it to proceed. The governor is scheduled to appear in court to respond to the complaint, although his office has not yet confirmed that he will do so. Christie lawyer Craig Carpenito did not respond to TPM’s request for comment on Thursday.This post has been updated.

Trump Goes After Michelle Obama: 'All She Wants To Do Is Campaign'

Friday October 21st, 2016 06:14:52 PM
During his rally in Fletcher, North Carolina, on Friday, Donald Trump claimed that Michelle Obama's 2007 line about not being able to run the White House if you can't run your own house was a dig at Hillary Clinton, even though the Obamas have denied that was the case."We have a president, all he wants to do is campaign. His wife, all she wants to do is campaign. And I see how much his wife likes Hillary," Trump said. "But wasn't she the one that originally started the statement, if you can't take care of your home — right? — you can’t take care of the White House or the country." "Where is that? I don't hear that. I don’t hear that. She's the one that started that. I said, 'We can’t say that, it’s too vicious.' Can you believe it? I said that," he continued. "They said, well Michele Obama said it. I said she did? Now she said that, but we don't hear about that."In August 2007, Michelle Obama did say, "If you can't run your own house, you can't run the White House." Some suggested that it may have been a dig at Hillary Clinton and her husband's affairs, and the line gained attention when it was picked up by the Drudge Report.But both Michelle and Barack Obama denied that the line referenced Hillary Clinton.Michelle Obama used a similar line at another campaign event that month that provides further context for her remark."So our view was that, if you can't run your own house, you certainly can't run the White House. So, so we've adjusted our schedules to make sure that our girls are first, so while he's traveling around, I do day trips," she said.

What Is Russia Trying to Achieve?

Friday October 21st, 2016 05:56:35 PM
Yesterday I was looking back through the progression of events with the at-first-suspected and now confirmed (according to the US government, at least) Russian meddling in the 2016 US election. It starts in June with a report that a private security firm (Crowdstrike) had concluded that a hack of the Democratic National Committee's email servers had emerged out of Russia. (Go back and you'll see an early theory was that they were stealing anti-Trump oppo with the intention of giving it to Trump.) It escalated in July with the first Wikileaks release of hacked DNC emails. And it's gone on from there, with more releases of emails, an increasingly Trump-aligned Wikileaks and less and less active denials from Russia that its security services are behind the leaks. As I've noted, this seems like a classic disruption campaign - a campaign which does not have an immediately clear goal other than to sow confusion and disruption in a US election. It's true that Russia has funded various rightist parties in the EU zone. Putin has a particular enmity for Hillary Clinton tied, among other things, to the protests over his reelection in 2012. He clearly has some affection for Donald Trump, though I don't think we really know if this is more than situational - he's a disrupter to the US political process, opposes the people who have been most disagreeable to Putin within the US political process, etc. For all this, what is Putin trying to accomplish exactly?The best explanation I've seen is that he is trying to pull off a so-called 'color revolution' in the US. 'Color revolutions' are a short-hand for a series of electoral/popular uprisings in post-Soviet successor states on Russia's borders and also in the Balkans. (To a degree the Arab Spring uprisings are seen in the same light, especially in Russia.) The big examples for Russia were the so-called 'Rose Revolution' in Georgia in 2003 and the Orange Revolution in Ukraine in 2004. The Russians have viewed these electoral uprisings as America-backed subversion using among other things novel communications technologies. They viewed the protests in Russia in 2012 tied to that year's Russian presidential election as evidence that the US was no longer satisfied with overthrowing client states in what Russia has historically called its 'near abroad' to trying to overthrow the Russian state itself.Is any of this true? Well, sort of, yes. The US has long been focused on fomenting democratic change, greater transparency and the rule of law abroad - especially in non-friendly states. The mix of idealism and interest and hypocrisy and obliviousness in all this has always been of a piece. It's not one or the other. They all combine. The US long funded various pro-democracy and civil society groups in Egypt, for example, under Mubarak. But it's certainly the case that this was always tempered by the US's deep investment in Mubarak's regime. The post-Soviet space has been a particular focus because it uniquely brings together authoritarian regimes with loose democratic trappings, limited or non-existent rule of law and openness with a state the US has seen for a century as a key geopolitical challenger on the world stage.But that's not all that's here. Each of these countries, in addition to having whatever desire all peoples may have for free government, has historically tense relationships with Russia. Needless to say, this is an understatement. They are arguably imperial dominions long ruled by Imperial and then Soviet Russia from Moscow which have temporally shaken free of Russian domination. In each of these cases these were locally-rooted eruptions of popular discontent. But they were helped and supported by the US. Both are true. But Russia's response has been to build up an entirely new defense doctrine focused detecting and blocking such 'attacks' and developing a capacity in turn to mount them against strategic enemies. Back in August I wrote about just this topic ("How Russia's New Defense Doctrine Is Like Fox News"). As I argued then, there is a humorous but real parallel between Russia's response to the color revolutions and post-Soviet weakness and institution building on the American right in the late 20th century. As I argued then, movement conservatives built the Heritage Foundation as a counter to the Brookings Institution. It built Fox News as a counter to CNN and the national news networks. In each of these cases there was some truth to how conservatives perceived a playing field stacked against them. The 50s and 60s and 70s were different than the times we live in. Brookings was broadly liberal in a Cold War, establishment way. The networks too were part of a broadly cosmopolitan elite culture. That wasn't liberal in any real political sense but it also wasn't friendly to movement conservatism. Yet the new institutions movement conservatives built were in most ways cartoonish replicas of the institutions they meant to counter - essentially propaganda operations stood up against public policy and news organizations which were legitimate public policy and news organizations but nevertheless inflected against the assumptions and goals of conservatism. This lack of parity was based in part on bad faith. A lot of bad faith. But I have always thought that you can't really understand this dynamic without understanding that in addition to bad faith these institutions were built by people who didn't really understand the institutions they were opposing. Conservatives believed that Brookings and CBS news really were little more than liberal propaganda operations, tied to left-wing parties, operating on a strategy of further partisan and ideological goals. Those weren't just verbal brickbats. They really believed it at some level. So when they went to build their own versions they built to that model. In the post I noted above, I wrote about what the Russians call Hybrid Warfare or the Gerasimov Doctrine, a new approach to national defense in which much more aggressive and wide-ranging information and asymmetric warfare makes up for an inability to defend against the US and Europe in conventional military terms. That is simply because the Russian economy is too tiny to sustain such an effort. South Korean, Brazil and Italy all have larger economies than Russia. As I wrote then and I continue to think based on everything that has happened since August, this is fundamentally familiar to the dynamic in the US. At a basic level, what Russia has built, what Russia is trying to do is based on a very incomplete and distorted understanding of what democracies, open societies and free flows of information even are. Look at my discussion of Adrian Chen's reporting on Russian troll farms in that August post. A huge amount of the work is planting hoaxes about Ebola or industrial accidents that never happened, online harassment and more. Chen's main article on the topic was published in 2015. But when he went back to look at some of the Russia-run Twitter accounts that had been spreading Ebola hoaxes had been rebranded as pro-Trump accounts from Middle America. That's why I think the color revolution model is the best framework for understanding what's happening here. Some of it is bad faith. A lot of it. But at some level they believe this is what was done to them.

Trump Asks Judge Curiel To Bar 'Mexican' Smear From Trump U Case

Friday October 21st, 2016 07:05:16 PM
Donald Trump wants to bar any of his statements on the campaign trail – including his tweets, stump speeches and surrogate statements – from being used as evidence against him in the fraud trial over Trump University.The lawyers representing Trump in the federal lawsuit brought against him for allegedly defrauding Trump U students requested in court documents Thursday that any political remarks he has made over the course of his presidential campaign be excluded as evidence from trial, which is set to begin in San Diego after the election. As part of the request, they have also asked that evidence related to his "tax issues," "personal conduct accusations," beauty pageants, casinos, bankruptcies and other matters that have emerged as a part of his presidential bid be left out at trial.They also asked that "Comments about this case or the Court" be excluded. Trump engaged on a public smear campaign against the federal judge presiding over the case, Judge Gonzalo Curiel, who Trump accused of bias due to his "Mexican" heritage. "During the current Presidential campaign, Mr. Trump has been the focus of perhaps unprecedented media coverage and public interest. His politics, policies, opinions, and views have been reported virtually every day in every form of media over the past year," the court filing said, noting the debates and the media reports on "on every aspect of Mr. Trump’s life.""Before trial begins in this case, prospective members of the jury will have the opportunity to cast their vote for President. It is in the ballot box where they are free to judge Mr. Trump based on all this and more," the motion continued. "But it is in the jury box where they must judge him and this case only on evidence and argument relevant to the issues at hand. "It is common for lawyers to wrangle before trial over what evidence is admissible. The broad swath of topics Trump's attorneys have sought to exclude in this case reflects how his presidential run has complicated the litigation surrounding his business ventures.The motion noted that in the case's pretrial stages the judge said he was sensitive to the fact that "some events that have coincided with the election campaign process" could influence the jury.The Trump motion goes on to argue, "Evidence and argument relating to matters publicized during the presidential campaign, including statements by and about Mr. Trump, have no relevance to the issues before the jury and are otherwise inadmissible. "Read the full motion below:

Trump: I'll Be 'Happy' Either Way, But Losing Would Sure Be A 'Waste Of Time'

Friday October 21st, 2016 05:48:44 PM
During his rally in Fletcher, North Carolina, on Friday, Donald Trump told the crowd that he'll be happy with his effort on the campaign trail whether he wins or loses, but later on in his speech, he said losing would make his campaign a "waste of time."Trump made his initial comment while boasting about his packed campaign rally schedule, saying that he does several events in a day."I don't know what kind of shape I'm in but I'll be happy, and at least I will have known, win, lose or draw — and I'm almost sure, if the people come out, we're going to win, but I will be — I will be happy with myself because I always say, I don't want to think back, 'If I only I did one more rally, I would have won North Carolina by 500 votes, instead of losing it by 200 votes, right? If only I did,'" Trump said. "So I never want to ever look back." "I never want to say that about myself. We have to work, you have to get everybody you know out there," he added.But later, after the crowd in North Carolina began chanting, "Lock her up," Trump offered a different perspective."Let's do this. November 8th, let's win. Let's win. Let's win," he said following the "Lock her up" chants now prevalent at his rallies. "We win, we have lots of options but we got to win. What a waste of time if we don't pull this off.""You know, these guys have said, doesn't matter if you win or lose, there’s never been a movement like this in the history of this country. I say it matters to me whether we win or lose because—" Trump continued, trailing off as the crowd cheered.He then launched into a confusing bit about how much money he has put into his campaign."So, so I’ll have over $100 million of my own money in this campaign. So if I lose, if I lose, I will consider this — and the nice part about saying that, I only tell you that because that means I'm not taking all of this money from all of these people that Hillary is taking money," he said, before complaining that Hillary Clinton has not contributed as much as he has to her own campaign.

Khan To Trump In New Clinton Ad: Would My Son Have A Place In Your America? (VIDEO)

Friday October 21st, 2016 05:15:31 PM
Khizr Khan, the father of a Muslim-American soldier killed in Iraq in 2004 and who made waves at the Democratic National Convention this summer, appears in a Hillary Clinton TV ad released Friday asking Donald Trump what place his son would have in his vision of America. The 60-second ad, titled "Captain Khan," features Khan fighting back tears and comforting his wife, Ghazala, as he somberly explains the details of his son's death. Later in the video, footage of his son's funeral at Arlington National Cemetery plays as Khan addresses a question to Trump. “I want to ask Mr. Trump, would my son have a place in your America?" he asks after an image of Trump comes on the screen.The Clinton campaign said the ad is expected to air in the battleground states of Florida, Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio and Pennsylvania and is part of an already existing ad buy.Khan and Trump engaged in a very public battle after Khan's speech at the convention, where he held up a pocket constitution and asked if Trump had read it. When Trump fought back, questioning if Khan forbid his wife from speaking onstage, many Republicans were horrified and disavowed his attacks on a Gold Star family. Watch the ad below:

Labor Department Finds Evidence Microsoft Discriminated Against Female Employees

Friday August 5th, 2016 05:28:29 PM Lauren C. Williams
A Labor Department investigation found preliminary evidence of gender discrimination at Microsoft. The post Labor Department Finds Evidence Microsoft Discriminated Against Female Employees appeared first on ThinkProgress.

Looking At Brazil’s Economic Fall From The Top

Friday August 5th, 2016 04:07:43 PM Alejandro Davila Fragoso
In less than a decade Brazil went from miraculous growth to a historic collapse. The post Looking At Brazil’s Economic Fall From The Top appeared first on ThinkProgress.

Scott Walker Is ‘Proud’ Of Gutting University Of Wisconsin Budgets

Friday August 5th, 2016 03:13:24 PM Aaron Rupar
Fact is he has nothing to gloat about. The post Scott Walker Is ‘Proud’ Of Gutting University Of Wisconsin Budgets appeared first on ThinkProgress.

Trump Campaign Circulates Misleading Video Claiming Clinton Promised To Raise Taxes On Middle Class

Friday August 5th, 2016 02:54:26 PM Bryce Covert
Context clues. The post Trump Campaign Circulates Misleading Video Claiming Clinton Promised To Raise Taxes On Middle Class appeared first on ThinkProgress.

Donald Trump Announces Economic Policy Team: 13 Men

Friday August 5th, 2016 02:11:17 PM Josh Israel, Evan Popp
While the list does not include any women, it does include five Steves. The post Donald Trump Announces Economic Policy Team: 13 Men appeared first on ThinkProgress.

Economy Shrugs Off Signs Of Trouble With Strong Job Growth In July

Friday August 5th, 2016 12:30:43 PM Bryce Covert
Analysts had expected 180,000 jobs to be added. The post Economy Shrugs Off Signs Of Trouble With Strong Job Growth In July appeared first on ThinkProgress.

Apple Store Employees Are Diverse, But Their Silicon Valley Co-Workers Lag Behind

Thursday August 4th, 2016 09:07:48 PM Lauren C. Williams
Racial and gender diversity in retail has jumped significantly since 2014. The post Apple Store Employees Are Diverse, But Their Silicon Valley Co-Workers Lag Behind appeared first on ThinkProgress.

The States That Do Nothing To Help Working Parents

Thursday August 4th, 2016 02:50:26 PM Bryce Covert
Many states haven't passed a single law or program that would make life easier for parents. The post The States That Do Nothing To Help Working Parents appeared first on ThinkProgress.

The Brownbacklash Is Finally Here: Kansas Primary Voters Send Conservatives Packing

Wednesday August 3rd, 2016 08:00:58 PM Alan Pyke
Gov. Brownback might finally be facing a revolt from Kansas Republicans. The post The Brownbacklash Is Finally Here: Kansas Primary Voters Send Conservatives Packing appeared first on ThinkProgress.

Student Suspended For Sexual Assault Complaint Argues The College Practiced ‘Anti-Male Bias’

Wednesday August 3rd, 2016 07:37:28 PM Casey Quinlan
This Columbia University student, who was disciplined for sexual assault, is arguing that he is the victim of "anti-male bias." The post Student Suspended For Sexual Assault Complaint Argues The College Practiced ‘Anti-Male Bias’ appeared first on ThinkProgress.

Why Trump Can Bully Paul Ryan And Get Away With It, In One Chart

Wednesday August 3rd, 2016 02:32:31 PM Ian Millhiser
House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) endorsed his party’s racist presidential nominee. Now that nominee has publicly humiliated Ryan by refusing to endorse the speaker back. Sad! The post Why Trump Can Bully Paul Ryan And Get Away With It, In One Chart appeared first on ThinkProgress.

Trump Family Has Very Predictable And Unhelpful Advice On Sexual Harassment

Tuesday August 2nd, 2016 03:28:49 PM Laurel Raymond
The Trump family's reactions place the blame for the harassment squarely on the victim's shoulders. The post Trump Family Has Very Predictable And Unhelpful Advice On Sexual Harassment appeared first on ThinkProgress.

Massachusetts Becomes First State Ever To Ban Employers From Asking For Salary Histories

Monday August 1st, 2016 06:06:54 PM Bryce Covert
The state will be the first in the country to ban employers from asking prospective hires for their salary histories. The post Massachusetts Becomes First State Ever To Ban Employers From Asking For Salary Histories appeared first on ThinkProgress.

The Paid Sick Days Movement Is Already Paying Off. Here’s the Proof.

Monday August 1st, 2016 03:03:53 PM Bryce Covert
New data shows the effort to pass paid sick leave laws is working. The post The Paid Sick Days Movement Is Already Paying Off. Here’s the Proof. appeared first on ThinkProgress.

6 Common Assumptions About ADHD That Aren’t Helping Students

Monday August 1st, 2016 12:15:24 PM Casey Quinlan
Teachers can help students with ADHD if they set aside stereotypes. The post 6 Common Assumptions About ADHD That Aren’t Helping Students appeared first on ThinkProgress.

Analysts Say Clinton Proposals Would Strengthen The Economy

Friday July 29th, 2016 02:52:29 PM Bryce Covert
The economy would benefit in particular from some unique policy platforms Clinton has proposed. The post Analysts Say Clinton Proposals Would Strengthen The Economy appeared first on ThinkProgress.

A Kentucky Politician Called Out Her Daughter’s School For Banning Cornrows And Dreadlocks

Thursday July 28th, 2016 03:18:08 PM Casey Quinlan
A Kentucky politician is unhappy with her daughter's school after she noticed it bans cornrows and dreadlocks. The post A Kentucky Politician Called Out Her Daughter’s School For Banning Cornrows And Dreadlocks appeared first on ThinkProgress.

Debt Collectors’ Harassment Tactics Are Put On Notice For First Time In 40 Years

Thursday July 28th, 2016 02:58:37 PM Bryce Covert
The country's consumer watchdog issued brand new regulations to crack down on debt collectors. The post Debt Collectors’ Harassment Tactics Are Put On Notice For First Time In 40 Years appeared first on ThinkProgress.

Democrats Grapple With The Economic Anxiety Fueling Trump’s Campaign

Thursday July 28th, 2016 12:46:21 AM Alice Ollstein
"There is a widespread alienation and disinterest in politics." The post Democrats Grapple With The Economic Anxiety Fueling Trump’s Campaign appeared first on ThinkProgress.

New York City Is About To Take A Step Toward Ending The School-To-Prison Pipeline

Wednesday July 27th, 2016 08:37:17 PM Evan Popp
The move could help begin to address the school-to-prison pipeline. The post New York City Is About To Take A Step Toward Ending The School-To-Prison Pipeline appeared first on ThinkProgress.

Chicago Officials Release Footage Showing Police Misconduct That Led To Unarmed Black Teen’s Death

Saturday August 6th, 2016 04:17:23 PM Aaron Rupar
A police review chief called the footage "shocking and disturbing.” The post Chicago Officials Release Footage Showing Police Misconduct That Led To Unarmed Black Teen’s Death appeared first on ThinkProgress.

LAPD Officers Claim They’re Being Discriminated Against For Shooting An Unarmed Black Man

Friday August 5th, 2016 03:58:47 PM Carimah Townes
It's been two years says Ezell Ford was shot and killed by LAPD officers. Now they're suing. The post LAPD Officers Claim They’re Being Discriminated Against For Shooting An Unarmed Black Man appeared first on ThinkProgress.

Melania Trump, An All-American Immigrant

Friday August 5th, 2016 03:46:38 PM Esther Yu-Hsi Lee
Immigrants can sympathize with her plight. The post Melania Trump, An All-American Immigrant appeared first on ThinkProgress.

New York’s Blue Lives Matter Bill Would Make Cops a Protected Class

Thursday August 4th, 2016 05:43:01 PM Celisa Calacal
New York is one of several states that have introduced this kind of legislation. The post New York’s Blue Lives Matter Bill Would Make Cops a Protected Class appeared first on ThinkProgress.

The Inexplicable ‘Courtesy’ That Could Elect Donald Trump

Thursday August 4th, 2016 04:02:52 PM Ian Millhiser
Justice Stephen Breyer has a weird definition of the word "courtesy." The post The Inexplicable ‘Courtesy’ That Could Elect Donald Trump appeared first on ThinkProgress.

Melania Trump May Have Worked In The United States Illegally

Thursday August 4th, 2016 02:11:24 PM Esther Yu-Hsi Lee
“I follow the law.” The post Melania Trump May Have Worked In The United States Illegally appeared first on ThinkProgress.

Missouri’s Top Public Defender Sends Fiery Letter To Governor, Assigns Him A Case

Thursday August 4th, 2016 02:06:35 PM Laurel Raymond
Michael Barrett is sick and tired of providing a constitutional right on a shoe-string budget. The post Missouri’s Top Public Defender Sends Fiery Letter To Governor, Assigns Him A Case appeared first on ThinkProgress.

BREAKING: Supreme Court Permits School To Continue Anti-Trans Bathroom Policy

Wednesday August 3rd, 2016 09:18:54 PM Ian Millhiser
A temporary loss, but still a loss for equality. The post BREAKING: Supreme Court Permits School To Continue Anti-Trans Bathroom Policy appeared first on ThinkProgress.

Obama Has Now Commuted More Sentences Than The Past 9 Presidents Combined

Wednesday August 3rd, 2016 06:43:35 PM Alex Zielinski
Obama has commuted more prisoners than the last nine presidents combined. The post Obama Has Now Commuted More Sentences Than The Past 9 Presidents Combined appeared first on ThinkProgress.

If Trump Drops Out, The Result Will Be A Horrible Legal Quagmire

Wednesday August 3rd, 2016 06:16:22 PM Ian Millhiser
It would be an enormous stimulus package for election lawyers and a confusing morass for actual voters. The post If Trump Drops Out, The Result Will Be A Horrible Legal Quagmire appeared first on ThinkProgress.

World Leaders Just Released A Document To Help Refugees And Migrants. It Falls Short Of Commitments.

Wednesday August 3rd, 2016 03:40:51 PM Esther Yu-Hsi Lee
The draft agreement will be used next month when world leaders come together to discuss refugees and migrants. The post World Leaders Just Released A Document To Help Refugees And Migrants. It Falls Short Of Commitments. appeared first on ThinkProgress.

Kids Are Collateral Damage When Police Decide To Shoot

Wednesday August 3rd, 2016 01:24:18 PM Carimah Townes
Media attention of police shootings may wane, but kids never forget. The post Kids Are Collateral Damage When Police Decide To Shoot appeared first on ThinkProgress.

Sheriff Who Oversaw ‘Savage Gang’ Of Deputies Hopes Alzheimers Will Save Him From Prison

Tuesday August 2nd, 2016 08:24:52 PM Alan Pyke
Lee Baca ran the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department for 16 brutal years. Now retired and slipping into dementia, he's hoping a jury might let him off the hook. The post Sheriff Who Oversaw ‘Savage Gang’ Of Deputies Hopes Alzheimers Will Save Him From Prison appeared first on ThinkProgress.

This Is How The Supreme Court Could Stop Future Voter Suppression Laws

Tuesday August 2nd, 2016 06:31:51 PM Ian Millhiser
Lawmakers like the ones behind the North Carolina law will continue to engage in voter suppression until a higher power steps in to prevent them. Here's how that could happen. The post This Is How The Supreme Court Could Stop Future Voter Suppression Laws appeared first on ThinkProgress.

Immigration Agents Don’t Follow The Law When It Comes To Asylum Seekers

Tuesday August 2nd, 2016 06:18:35 PM Esther Yu-Hsi Lee
"It's not the job of the Border Patrol agents to be the judge and jury here." The post Immigration Agents Don’t Follow The Law When It Comes To Asylum Seekers appeared first on ThinkProgress.

Under Pressure From Protesters, NYPD Chief Resigns

Tuesday August 2nd, 2016 04:23:30 PM Alan Pyke
As Bill Bratton exits the NYPD's top job for a second time, the oppressive legacy of his first tenure seems likely to outlast him. The post Under Pressure From Protesters, NYPD Chief Resigns appeared first on ThinkProgress.

Police Fatally Shoot Woman Holding 5-Year-Old Boy In Her Lap

Tuesday August 2nd, 2016 12:30:34 PM Carimah Townes
An arrest warrant for traffic violations turned deadly. The post Police Fatally Shoot Woman Holding 5-Year-Old Boy In Her Lap appeared first on ThinkProgress.

New Report On Police Deaths Comes With Grim Revelations

Tuesday August 2nd, 2016 12:00:39 PM Alan Pyke
Less than 40 percent of on-duty law enforcement fatalities are caused by an attack. Most are accidents. The post New Report On Police Deaths Comes With Grim Revelations appeared first on ThinkProgress.

How Dangerous Is It To Be A Cop? Here’s What The Data Says.

Monday August 1st, 2016 02:19:16 PM Celisa Calacal, Dylan Petrohilos
While recent events have fueled the "war on cops" rhetoric, data shows that the number of police deaths has been declining. The post How Dangerous Is It To Be A Cop? Here’s What The Data Says. appeared first on ThinkProgress.

The Republican Party’s War On Voting Begins To Crumble Into Sand

Monday August 1st, 2016 12:00:50 PM Ian Millhiser
The last two weeks were an orgy of good news for voting rights advocates. The post The Republican Party’s War On Voting Begins To Crumble Into Sand appeared first on ThinkProgress.

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