Democrats on-point on Obamacare predictions

  • 8th April 2014
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The rate of uninsured Americans in the U.S. recently dropped to its lowest number since 2008. Ed Schultz, Sen. Bernie Sanders and Michael Hiltzik discuss the importance of the accuracy…

Trying to bring old-school policies to DC

  • 7th April 2014
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In Trenders, Letterman schedules his last night, while Sen. Coats blames Russia for being in the wrong meeting. Ed Schultz and Ruth Conniff discuss anti-women State Sen. Glenn Grossman’s run…

Powerful offensive to give America a raise

  • 3rd April 2014
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In Trenders, Rep. Louie Gohmert tries bring religion to Congress, while a Colorado town votes down Drone Hunting Season. Ed Schultz and Rep. Jan Schakowsky discuss minimum wage.

Sioux nation stands up to Keystone XL

  • 1st April 2014
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In Trenders, Mike Rogers gives mixed signals about his radio career, while the underdogs head to the Final Four. Ed Schultz also travels to Sioux nation.