San Juan Mayor Calls Trump’s Comments on Puerto Rico “Insulting”

San Juan Mayor Calls Trump’s Comments on Puerto Rico “Insulting”

The Mayor of San Juan Puerto Rico slammed President Trump on Tuesday evening following his trip to the island, saying he lacked “common courtesy” and labeling him the “miscommunicator-in-chief.”

Carmen Yulín Cruz was positive about meetings with White House staff but was critical of the President for comparing the number of deaths in Puerto Rico to what happened following Hurricane Katrina.

“He minimized our suffering by saying that Katrina was a ‘real disaster,’” Cruz said during an appearance on MSNBC Tuesday evening, adding his comments “insulting to the people of Puerto Rico.”

Cruz did speak about the productive aspects of the trip, including meetings with White House staff.

“I really felt that the second part of the meetings today, with the White House staff, were conducive to bridging the gap between the disconnect of what they say is happening … and what really is happening,” she said.
via The Hill

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