Warren Will Co-Sponsor Sanders’ Single-Payer Healthcare Bill

Warren Will Co-Sponsor Sanders’ Single-Payer Healthcare Bill

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-MA, announced Thursday that she plans to co-sponsor Sen. Bernie Sanders’ “Medicare for All” bill, becoming the latest high-profile Democrat to back the bill.

“I believe it’s time to take a step back and ask: what is the best way to deliver high quality, low cost health care to all Americans? Everything should be on the table — and that’s why I’m co-sponsoring Bernie Sanders’ Medicare for All bill that will be introduced later this month,” she said in a post on her website.

Warren used personal experiences to explain her decision to back the legislation.

“My own family plunged deep into debt when my daddy had a heart attack. My parents paid on those bills for years,” she wrote. “Years later, as a bankruptcy law professor, I studied why working families were going broke. Through interviews and court documents, my research partners and I showed that most people who file for bankruptcy looked a lot like my family.”

“Medicare for All is one way that we can give every single person in the country access to high quality health care. Everyone is covered. Nobody goes broke paying a medical bill. Families don’t have to bear the costs of heartbreaking medical disasters on their own,” she added.

Sanders plans to introduce his healthcare bill sometime this month. The legislation is doomed with a Republican controlled House, Senate, and White House.

via CNN Politics

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