Ryan Calls Trump Siding with Democrats “Reasonable and Rational”

Ryan Calls Trump Siding with Democrats “Reasonable and Rational”

House Speaker Paul Ryan on Thursday evening defended the President’s decision to work with Democrats this week and raise the debt ceiling for three months, rather than a six-month plan Republicans had initially sought.

“What he’s trying to do is clear the decks so we can get focused on our big things like tax reform. I’ve spoken to the President a lot about this,” the Speaker said during an appearance on Fox News. “I talked to him this morning, he wants to clear the decks so we can basically get our job done and focus on our big issues like tax reform, border security and the rest.”

Ryan added that the President was trying to ensure hurricane relief funds did not become a political football.

“He wanted to make this a bipartisan moment where we weren’t fighting each other in Washington about hurricane aid,” he said. “He just wanted to get it done, get it out of the way so that aid is flowing to the states that need it right now so we can go and then focus on things like tax reform.”

“So its perfectly reasonable and rational why he’s doing what he’s doing,” he said.

via Talking Points Memo

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