Price Says He Needs to Work to “Regain” Trump’s Trust

Price Says He Needs to Work to “Regain” Trump’s Trust

Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price said Thursday he was in the process of attempting to regain President Trump’s trust after the president said he wasn’t happy about price’s use of private charter jets for government business.

“I work at the pleasure of the president. The president is a remarkable leader. I’m incredibly privileged to serve in his Cabinet and work on behalf of the American people,” Price said during an appearance on Fox News.

“I look forward to gaining, regaining, the trust that the American people — some of the American people — may have lost in the activities that I took. And to not only regain the trust of the American people, but to gain the trust of the administration and the president,” Price said.

Trump slammed Price’s decision to use the jets on Wednesday, telling reporters he was “not happy” about it and “we’ll see” if he would be fired.

via the Hill

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