Pence Says There Are “Options” on North Korea

Pence Says There Are “Options” on North Korea

Vice PresidentMike Pence on Thursday said there are certainly “options” for dealing with the threats of North Korea.

“We have options,” Pence said during an interview with CBS “This Morning,” when asked about North Korea.

“There was some talk, two, three weeks ago, by some commentators that the most powerful military on Earth doesn’t have the ability to take action to defend our people, that’s wrong,” Pence said.

Pence went on to talk about the options the administration has when dealing with North Korea.

“But let me be very clear, the president desires a peaceful resolution of this confrontation with North Korea and will continue to pursue that,” Pence said.

“But it all begins on when the Kim regime announces their willingness to abandon their nuclear and ballistic missiles program and not before.”

via The Hill

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