McCain Talks About Brain Cancer Prognosis Says it is “Very, Very Serious”

McCain Talks About Brain Cancer Prognosis Says it is “Very, Very Serious”

Sen. John McCain, R-AZ, said Sunday his brain cancer is “very, very serious,” adding that doctors told him it was a “very poor prognosis.”

“So I just said, ‘I understand. Now we’re going to do what we can, get the best doctors we can find and do the best we can. And at the same time, celebrate with gratitude a life well-lived,'” McCain said during an interview with CBS’ “60 Minutes.”

McCain added that he went back to work in Washington, against doctors’ orders because it was the only way he could vote on the healthcare bill.

“I got very choked up,” McCain said, looking back at the reception from fellow senators when he returned to Congress. “And then, of course, you know, all of them coming over and giving me a hug. It was deeply moving, I had never seen anything like that.”

McCain was also asked whether his “no” vote on the healthcare bill over the summer was an attempt to get back at Trump for saying he wasn’t a war hero on the campaign trail.

“If I took offense at everybody who has said something about me, or disparaged me or something like that — life is too short,” McCain responded. “You’ve got to move on. And on an issue of this importance to the nation, for me to worry about a personal relationship, then I’m not doing my job.”

When asked whether Trump ever apologized for the comments, McCain said he had not. He emphasized that he and Trump come from very different backgrounds.

“I’d be glad to converse with him. But I also understand that we’re very different people. Different upbringing. Different life experiences,” McCain said. “He is in the business of making money and he has been successful both in television as well as Miss America and others. I was raised in a military family. I was raised in the concept and belief that duty, honor, country is the lodestar for the behavior that we have to exhibit every single day.”

via CNN Politics

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