GOP Rep Says He “Gasped” When He Heard About Trump Deal With Dems on Harvey Aid

GOP Rep Says He “Gasped” When He Heard About Trump Deal With Dems on Harvey Aid

Rep. Kevin Cramer, D-ND, one of President Trump’s staunchest supporters in Congress, said he “gasped” when he heard the news that the President made a deal with Democrats to tie aid for Hurricane Harvey to a 3-month increase in the debt ceiling.

“I will tell you that I gasped when I heard it. In fact, I sought clarification when the President told us before the flight — I sought clarification to make sure I understood that applied to the debt ceiling and the CR (continuing resolution), and not just the CR,” he said aboard Air Force One on Wednesday. “When we received that confirmation, I said, ‘Wow.’ I was at a dinner last night where that was not in anybody’s dream.”

Cramer said, despite his reservations, trusts Trump to make a good deal.

“For me personally, I trust the President’s negotiating ability. I think he felt this was the best deal he could get,” he said. “The speaker and the leader felt the same, or they wouldn’t have agreed to it. Now it’s going to be a tough sell in our conference, there is no question about it.”

Cramer said he has had “enough conversations with members over the last couple of days to know they wanted to go at least outside of next November.”

“Voting to raise the debt ceiling more than once in an election cycle is too many and once is about one too many,” he told reporters.

via Talking Points Memo

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