Clinton Says She Is Not Talking About Contesting The 2016 Presidential Election

Clinton Says She Is Not Talking About Contesting The 2016 Presidential Election

Former Democratic Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton said Tuesday she has no plans to “contest” the 2016 presidential election, despite saying earlier this week she wouldn’t “rule out” challenging the legitimacy of the election, depending on the outcome of the investigation into Russian interference in the election.

“Nobody is talking about contesting the election, including me. No,” she said during an interview with the “The Late Show” with Stephen Colbert. “Because there is no mechanism. But I think legitimacy is rooted in what comes out of these investigations because if there is evidence of communication, coordination, whatever it might be, then I think millions of Americans would say ‘Well those raise questions about legitimacy.”

“What you do is mobilize politically to express your will and a rejection of that kind of Russian involvement in and coordination, at the ballot box,” she said. “That is where we settle our political difference and that’s where it should be.”

She also said the news stories regarding Facebook’s targeted advertisement sales and potential Russian meddling in the process is enough to “sound the alarm.”

“We’re going to find out a lot more, Stephen and I am saying as clearly as I can, I feel I’m a bit of a Paul Revere, I’m trying to sound the alarm,” she said. “You have to understand what Putin’s strategy is. He really doesn’t like democracy, he thinks it’s an inconvenient messy process and he doesn’t like us and he wants destabilize our country.”

via Talking Points Memo

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