Pence Calls on China to Do More Regarding North Korea

Pence Calls on China to Do More Regarding North Korea

Vice President Mike Pence spoke about North Korea’s attempts to develop a nuclear program during a trip to Estonia on Sunday, saying that “all options are on the table” in halting these ambitions.

“The continued provocations by the rogue regime in North Korea are unacceptable, and the United States of America is going to continue to marshal the support of nations across the region and across the world to further isolate North Korea economically and diplomatically,” Pence said in remarks to reporters.

Pence also criticized China for not putting pressure on the North Koreans.

“We believe China should do more,” Pence added. “The President has been clear about that in his conversations with President Xi (Jinping) that while China has taken unprecedented steps to begin to isolate North Korea economically and to bring diplomatic pressure, we believe China has a unique relationship with the regime in North Korea and has a unique ability to influence decisions by that regime.”

The Trump Administration has long taken a hard stance on North Korea and China’s role in reining in Pyongyang.

via CNN Politics

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