Pelosi says Trump “Has No Strategy” For Afghanistan

Pelosi says Trump “Has No Strategy” For Afghanistan

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi slammed President Trump on Monday for failing to offer details during his address laying out the future of the war in Afghanistan.

“Tonight, the President said he knew what he was getting into and had a plan to go forward,” Pelosi said in a statement released Monday evening. “Clearly, he did not. The President’s announcement is low on details but raises serious questions.”

Trump on Monday evening said the U.S. involvement in Afghanistan will depend on the conditions on the ground, rather than announcing a specific timeline.

“We will not talk about numbers of troops or our plan for further military activities,” he said. “I will not say when we are going to attack, but attack we will.”

Pelosi focused on past comments from Trump when he said “we have wasted an enormous amount of blood and treasure in Afghanistan” and “let’s get out!”

The Democratic leader said that Trump’s vague policy set up “no accountability to the American people.”

“The American people need to know more about the President’s plans and conditions,” she said. “To what extent is there a comprehensive strategy, including an exit strategy for finally bringing America’s heroes home? Congress looks forward to a comprehensive briefing on the troop increase and overall strategy as soon as possible.”

via The Hill

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