Markey Says Trump Administration Must Stop “Reckless” Language on N.K.

Markey Says Trump Administration Must Stop “Reckless” Language on N.K.

Sen. Ed Markey, D-MA, on Thursday said the Trump White House should end it’s “reckless” rhetoric on North Korea, saying the country is in need of “urgent diplomacy” and “tightening sanctions” in the wake of the hermit nation’s aggression.

Markey said the comments coming from the Trump administration could push North Korea to continue their development of nuclear weapons.

“I think first, they have to stop the reckless dangerous, scary language which they are using,” Markey said in an appearance on MSNBC.

“When Secretary Mattis says that if North Korea doesn’t stop that it could lead to the destruction of its people, it could lead to regime change, that’s exactly what they’re most concerned about and will most likely lead to them continuing to test nuclear weapons and ICBM capacity.”

Markey’s concern comes after President Trump said North Korea would face “fire, fury and frankly power” if they threaten the United States again.

“This good cop, bad cop that Tillerson and Mattis are playing, along with the president, it really comes off more like keystone cops,” Markey continued.

“There’s no coherent strategy which should include urgent diplomacy with even tight, ever tightening sanctions around North Korea, much tougher even than the United Nations passed.”

via The Hill

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