DNC Chair Says Democrats “Have to Have an Every Zip Code Strategy”

DNC Chair Says Democrats “Have to Have an Every Zip Code Strategy”

Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez said Thursday that Democrats will have an “every zip code strategy” under his leadership.

“We have to have an every zip code strategy and that’s what we’re doing, and we have to lead with our values,” Perez said during an appearance on MSNBC on Thursday.

Perez added that Democrats won two seats in Oklahoma this week, saying the party had done so because the candidates “led with their values.”

“I think we have real opportunity everywhere, and what we have to do is scale these success stories of recent months,” he continued.

Perez, the former Labor Secretary under President Barack Obama, said he wants the party to go back to its roots of supporting blue collar workers.

“I want the party to be for the working person,” Perez said.

“Whatever pick up truck you drive, whatever place of worship you where you go or don’t go, I want to make sure that that person can his or her life and their family’s lives better,” said Perez. “And that’s what the Democrats have been doing.”

via The Hill

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