Tillerson Says Government is “Not a Highly Disciplined Organization”

Tillerson Says Government is “Not a Highly Disciplined Organization”

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson expressed frustrations of working in the public sector on Thursday, saying the government is “not a highly disciplined organization” during remarks to reporters.

“Well it is a lot different than being CEO of Exxon because I was the ultimate decision-maker,” Tillerson said adding “that always makes life easier.”

“You own it, you make the decision, and I had a very different organization around me. One that I spent my whole life with, people knew me very well and they knew what to expect,” he continued according to reports.

Tillerson was speaking with reporters on a flight returning to the U.S. from the middle east.

“We had very long-standing, disciplined processes and decision-making — I mean, highly structured — that allows you to accomplish a lot, to accomplish a lot in a very efficient way,” he said.

“It’s largely not a highly disciplined organization,” Tillerson said, referring to government

“Decision-making is fragmented, and sometimes people don’t want to take decisions. Coordination is difficult through the interagency [process].”

via the Hill

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