Republican Senator Says Trump Should “Apply Pain” to Russia for Election Interference

Republican Senator Says Trump Should “Apply Pain” to Russia for Election Interference

Sen. James Lankford, R-OK, has called on President Trump to “apply pain” to punish Russia for alleged efforts to interfere in the 2016 presidential election.

Sen. Lankford, who sits on the Senate Intelligence Committee, said he was pleased to hear President Trump acknowledge on Thursday that Russia had meddled in the Election.

He added that the U.S. must “continue to apply pressure” to stop any future attempts to interfere in elections.

“I’m so glad to hear him step out and to be able to say that, but it’s also important that we continue to apply pressure,” Lankford said during an appearance on ABC News’ “Powerhouse Politics” podcast. “Once you know they’re trying to interfere in our election system, what do you do? How do you apply pain?”

“So my issue now is: what is the clear pain that Russia will experience based on their actions?” he added. “Because I don’t think they change the behavior until they actually have experienced some sort of pain.”

The Oklahoma Senator proposed a two-part response to the Russian efforts consisting of continued sanctions and the creation of a “cyber doctrine,” a plan for response to cyber attacks.

“It’s something we worked with the Obama administration for years on,” he said. “To have a clear policy that can be put out, that if any nation, whether it’s North Korea, Iran, China, Russia, whoever it may be — if they try to interfere in any of our infrastructure, or our systems through a cyberattack, we have a structured response that they know: ‘If you do this, then this is how we respond.’ ”

via The Hill

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