Blumenthal Says Trump Jr. “I Love It” Comment Will Haunt Him

Blumenthal Says Trump Jr. “I Love It” Comment Will Haunt Him

Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-CT, said Thursday morning that Donald Trump Jr.’s response in an email thread setting up a meeting with a Russian Lawyer, who promised damaging information on Hillary Clinton, will “haunt” him.

The Connecticut Senator said the emails released by Trump Jr. are “bombshell evidence of criminal intent.”

“What they show is…interest and enthusiasm for working with the Russians on interfering in the election,” he said during an interview with CNN.

“No question that we are very far from criminal charges here and from proof beyond a reasonable doubt,” he said.

“But if you’re asking what’s the significance of the emails, it is criminal intent.”

Blumenthal added that criminal intent is the most difficult part to prove in any case.

“These words, ‘I love it,’ will haunt Donald Trump Jr.,” he said. “I can see a prosecutor posing arguments repeating those words, again and again and again, because they show what the purpose and motive was of this meeting.”

Blumenthal added that the meeting “could rise to the level of espionage and treason.”

“If it involved participation in a conspiracy in effect to undermine the lawful functions of the United States government by a foreign power,” he said.

via The Hill

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