Former Obama Chief of Staff Says Chaos in the White House Is Reflective of Trump

Former Obama Chief of Staff Says Chaos in the White House Is Reflective of Trump

The Former White House Chief of Staff under Obama says he isn’t surprised by the “Chaos” in the Trump administration but does think it is telling.

“White Houses reflect the person at the top and the chaos, or perceived chaos or lack of competence, in my opinion, reflects more about Donald Trump than anything else,” Bill Daley told David Axelrod on “the Axe Files” podcast.

“I have never seen anything like this in a business setting, much less a White House,” Daley said.

“It’s very reflective of somebody who ran a small business — basically which is what it was — and ran it as a dictator,” he continued, adding that “making a lot of money doesn’t necessarily mean you’re smart.”

Daily suggested that Trump won the presidency by appealing to the worst in Americans.

“Maybe he reflects more of us today … this nastiness and the crassness that you see in politics maybe were more reflective of our society,” Daley said. “Donald Trump understood that maybe better than many, and his sort of outrageousness reflects reality TV or the politics of today, and he got that before anybody else maybe wanted to act on that.”

Daily added that Trump’s divisiveness and vitriol will not win him re-election in 2020.

“The next president, I think, will have to be very different and will have to bring a sort of calmness,” Daley said. “No country can stay at this level of sort of craziness for for very long. And I think the next president, whoever he or she will be, will have a very different tone.”

via CNN Poltiics

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