Priebus Says He Hopes for A Healthcare Vote This Week

Priebus Says He Hopes for A Healthcare Vote This Week

White Hosue Chief of Staff Reince Priebus said Monday that he believes there will be a vote on a replacement plan for Obamacare this week.

“I certainly hope so. … I think it will happen this week.,” Priebus said during an interview with “CBS This Morning.”

Priebus added that he thinks there will be enough votes to get the legislation passed.

The Chief of Staff said that the law, if passed this week by the House and Senate, “will be one of the fastest pieces of signature legislation to go through for a president since Roosevelt.”

Priebus, giving a caveat, said President Obama’s stimulus package was “pre-baked.”

“People make so much of the stimulus bill that Barack Obama put through, but remember that was pre-baked in October during a financial meltdown and people were – on both sides – writing that bill that passed in February,” he said.

Priebus also drew a distinction between Trump and former Republican presidents.

“Bush 43 was in June, Reagan was in August. Bush 41 wasn’t until a year and a half later so this would be very quick for President Trump to get this through,” he said.

via The Hill

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