Christie Give Trump a “B” In First 100 Days of Presidency

Christie Give Trump a “B” In First 100 Days of Presidency

Gov. Chris Christie, R-NJ, said Monday that President Trump has earned a “B” during his first 100 days in office.

“Listen, I’d give him a ‘B.’,” Christie told CNN, pointing to the appointment of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court as a key accomplishment.

“I think getting that done and getting it done in the way that he did with someone with Gorsuch’s integrity and his record is going to be something that will well survive his presidency, no matter how many years he serves. I think that’s an important accomplishment for the American people moving forward in terms of supporting his agenda,” Christie said.

Christie, who advised Trump during the presidential campaign, also gave the President credit for his executive orders, which he says are already affecting his state.

“I also think some of the things he has done by executive action have been good on the regulatory side. And I can see even in New Jersey that businesses are responding really well,” he added.

The New Jersey Governor said some of Trump’s staff have not served him “extraordinarily good,” pointing out that they must “get their act together in that regard and serve the president better.”

“I’ve been a governor seven and a half years. You rely upon your staff to be able to tee the ball up and make sure that when you swing, you hit the ball and you hit the ball far. I know they’re working hard at it. He has a lot of good people there working very hard,” Christie added.

He added that some of the President’s executive orders have not been carried out as well as they should have been.

“I don’t think the way the whole healthcare situation was handles either on the hill or at the White House was exemplary. We didn’t get the result we needed to get. Now I know they’re going at it again. I wish them the best of luck,” he added.

via The Hill

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