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Grilling a controversial filmmaker

A new film by controversial conservative author and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza creates waves confronting societal ideological differences. Michael Eric Dyson, D’Souza, Zerlina Maxwell and Eric Boehlert discuss.

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Uninsured rate is lowest on Record

Uninsured rate is lowest on Record

The percentage of Americans without health insurance fell to an all time low in recent months, according to polling from…

Rick Perry chooses conspiracies over solutions

Rick Perry’s conspiracy theories over the border prove that he’d rather trash the president then solving the serious problem. Michael Eric Dyson, Rep. Steven Horsford, and Kimberle Crenshaw discuss.

Team Ed

Augmented Reality Windshield Looks Like it is Out of A Video Game

The folks over at Jaguar/Land Rover have created a new concept that would make learning to drive on race track like something out of a video game.

They have developed a Heads Up Display that would beam race date, including speed information and lap times, onto the windshield, alongside a racing line that would show you the most efficient route around the track.

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