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Wednesday the 28th of January

On Wednesday’s Podcast Ed is joined by “America’s Lawyer” and Ring of Fire Radio Host Mike Papantonio to discuss the Senate Republicans continuing to push for Keystone XL. We are also joined by Wendell Potter, Author, Consultant and Columnist and the Center for Public Integrity and to discuss the CBO Estimates that the Affordable Care act will not cost as much as expected.

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Mounting tensions between Netanyahu and White House

Tension continues to grow between the White House and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu after he accepted John Boehner’s invitation to speak in front of Congress. Ed Schultz and Joe Cirincione discuss.

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Keystone XL Bill Passes Senate

Keystone XL Bill Passes Senate

The Senate voted Thursday to approve a bill authorizing construction of the Keystone XL pipeline capping weeks of debate over…

Protests against KXL in Philadelphia

House Democrats gather in Philadelphia to discuss their agenda for the new Congress, trying to fight harder for the Middle Class. Ed Schultz and Adam Green discuss.

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