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Clinton denounces Trump’s ‘cavalier’ stance toward N. Korea

North Korea’s deputy UN ambassador has warned that a new Korean war might break out any moment. Meanwhile, Speaking in Seoul, Hillary Clinton denounced the Trump administration’s “bellicose and aggressive” stance toward North Korea, also calling on China to “tighten and enforce sanctions” against the Hermit Kingdom. RT America’s Manila Chan reports on the latest in the unfolding crisis.

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‘The last thing that’s held sacred in our society’

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly spoke at a press briefing on Thursday, admonishing Rep. Frederica Wilson for politicizing President Donald Trump’s “insensitive” phone call to the widow of Sgt. La David Johnson. He also implored the press as a whole to give due reverence to those who die in combat and gold-star families. Valerie Ervin, senior advisor with the Working Families Party, and Shawn Steel, former chairman of the California Republican Party, join “News with Ed” to offer their reactions.

‘Why do we have Americans fighting and dying in Niger?’ – fmr diplomat

Sen. John McCain said the White House hasn’t been “forthcoming” regarding the recent incident in Niger, wherein militants killed several US soldiers. Some anticipate that this incident will become “Trump’s Benghazi.” Former diplomat Jim Jatras joins “News with Ed” to offer his analysis and reminds us to look at “the bigger picture that most Americans are worried about.”

Faith in US media continues to plummet

A recent poll by Politico shows 46% of voters say that the media is lying or misleading when they report on Trump. Holland Cooke, host of “The Big Picture,” joins “News with Ed” to explain why he’s “utterly unsurprised” by the response. In this era, he says, we can “choose our news,” encouraging a media atmosphere where we “choose what to believe.”

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Only one democratic way to fight against what you disagree with’ – Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed numerous key global issues in his keynote speech at Russia’s annual Valdai event, including North Korea, the Catalonia independence movement and the fate of the European Union. He also addressed the work of RT, promising a proportionate and rapid response when foreign powers try to limit Russian media. RT America’s Manila Chan has the story.