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SCOTUS gets big cases, lower courts are ‘where law takes hold’ – America’s Lawyer

At his confirmation hearings Tuesday, Supreme Court nominee Judge Neil Gorsuch referred to historic abortion protections in the US as “worthy of treatment as precedent” and that no one, including the president, is “above the law.” He also asserted that he was not beholden to corporations and pointed out that he ruled in favor of both “the little guy” and “the big guy” innumerable times. “America’s Lawyer” Mike Papantonio joins “News with Ed” to bring us his insights and legal expertise.

DEBATE: Can Trump get GOP in line behind healthcare reforms?

Time is running out for Republicans on their healthcare squabble. Despite changes made to the controversial House bill overnight, they still don’t have the votes. The White House has made it clear to Congressional Republicans that if they don’t deliver on healthcare reforms, they will incur the wrath of voters at tremendous political cost. Ian Walters of the American Conservative Union and Civil rights attorney Misty Marris join “News with Ed” to discuss the changes to the bill and President Donald Trump’s struggle with Congress.

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