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Clinton deflects Keystone, TPP

Clinton deflects Keystone, TPP

15 weeks into her presidential campaign, Hillary Clinton still refuses to take a stand on two major issues. Bernie Sanders…
Clinton deflects Keystone again

Clinton deflects Keystone again

For the second time in two days, Hillary Clinton dodges a question about the controversial Keystone XL Pipeline. Ed Schultz,…

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A Message from Ed Schultz Regarding the Cancellation of the Ed Show

After much speculation in the media, MSNBC has officially announced that they will be cancelling the Ed Show. Ed thanks his viewers and supporters for sticking by him for the past 6-plus years on the TV show. Ed will continue to produce a daily podcast, and look out for new video content daily as well. We will be covering the 2016 elections in a big way so be sure to head over to our YouTube channel and subscribe right now so you can get the latest from Big Eddie.

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