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GOP candidates resist gay marriage

Republican presidential hopefuls vow to continue the fight against marriage equality despite the Supreme Court’s ruling. Ed Schultz, Rep. Mark Pocan, Mike Rogers and Tobias Wolff talk it out.

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Maris tournament features Ed Schultz

Maris tournament features Ed Schultz

Ed Schultz participated in the Roger Maris Celebrity Golf Tournament over the weekend in Fargo, North Dakota, which raised money…
Hundreds rally for voting rights

Hundreds rally for voting rights

Demonstrators rally in Roanoke, Virginia, to demand Congress restore the Voting Rights Act exactly two years after it was gutted…

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Give me a Minute: McCaskill Slamming Sanders for Being A Socialist is a Misstep

Sen. Claire McCaskill went on TV to call Sen. Bernie Sanders a socialist and say his ideas were radical. If the Clinton Campaign was behind this, it was a major misstep.

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