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‘Clinton Cash’ attacks in the spotlight

Hillary Clinton faces new scrutiny for her connections with major donors to the Clinton Foundation during her tenure as secretary of state. Ed Schultz and James Carville discuss.

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(Video) Podcast 195 – Obama Continues to Defend A Bad Trade Deal

On Friday’s Podcast Ed is joined by Scott Paul from the Alliance for American Manufacturing to discuss President Obama’s continued defense of the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Give me a minute: Democrats Challenge President Obama on Trade

Ed is joined by America’s Lawyer Mike Papantonio to discuss Democrats challenging President Obama on the trade deal he is negotiating. They also talk about the one thing we know about these types of trade deals. They cost jobs.

Give me a minute: Ed is with Elizabeth Warren on questioning trade deal

Ed gives commentary on Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-MA, saying President Obama is hiding the details of the Trasn-Pacific Partnership.

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