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What will happen if net neutrality protections are compromised?

Netflix, Google, Facebook and even small businesses may be impacted by the Federal Communications Commission’s decision to nix its net neutrality rules. RT America’s Ed Schultz is joined by Katie Anderson, the net neutrality campaign director at Open Media, to discuss further.

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Debate: Have we reached an official ‘tipping point’ in America?

Does former Senator Al Franken believe he is being victimized in the wake of sexual assault allegations against him? Is the Democratic Party throwing Franken under the bus? RT America’s Ed Schultz is joined by former Georgia state representative LaDawn Jones and conservative commentator Steve Malzberg for more.

Franken: The Dems’ sacrificial lamb

Senator Al Franken (D-Minnesota), under intense political pressure and mounting allegations of sexual misconduct, faced reality today and acquiesced to mostly female Democratic colleagues’ demands that he resign. However, his tone was defiant, as he lashed out at partisan double-standards and insisted that nothing he’s done in office brought any shame to the Senate. RT America’s Ed Schultz has the story.

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I don’t think Franken’s coming back – superdelegate

Disgraced Senator Al Franken (D-Minnesota) announced his plans to resign after more than a dozen fellow Democrats called for him to step down amid multiple accusations of sexual misconduct. How will his resignation impact the Congress, and could he yet have a political future? Democratic superdelegate Mitch Ceasar weighs in on “News with Ed.”